Starting a Website...

Wow.Creating a website...

I'm a mom, I can do HARD things. I was made for it. I deal with- I MEAN, "get the honour to enjoy" my two crazy busy, adorable little toddler boys (who are only 22 months apart, I might add), run a business, try to remember to take the garbage to the curb on Wednesdays (you'll understand this is CRUCIAL when you live in town and have kids!) ... but man-o-man, this was a JOB! I'm beyond happy that I reached out to an old friend who was able to take the reins after a couple of failed attempts on my end. I couldn't have done it without you, Jill!

Ok, I'm going to be honest right now- I feel like a big friggen' deal. A WEBSITE?! Like how legit is that! I seriously started from the bottom *insert Drake song ha!* now I'm HERE!

Given the current state of life, & the increased volume of orders *happy dancing all day everyday*, I figured this would be the easiest way to get organized and look cool af (still shocked that I have a website. EEKK!!) also while making myself available to more people.

Over the last year or so, I have had many people reach out asking if I had a I hung my head in shame, I always replied with "No, but feel free to scroll through my 400+ posts on my social media platforms and see if there's anything that stands out to you!" Ugh. But guess what, people don't like spending tons and tons of time sorting through a variety (aka shit storm unorganized MESS). SOOOOOOO, I present to youuuuuuuu- a bitchin' website with collections, themes, search bars, care instructions/policies & discount codes!!!

Want to know the coolest part of it all? You can place your order in the middle of the damn night when you do most of your other online shopping, without feeling bad about bugging anyone or forgetting to order in the AM! #winning


Going forward, this will be the place where all orders are processed.

It will probably take a bit for people to get the hang of it, but I'm beyond excited for this wicked change!! I feel so organized already! (hahahahahahahah, I wish. If only it was that simple...- but this should definitely help!). Oh, I almost forgot to mention! I can accept credit cards now #micdrop. I feel like Sephora or something super boujee like that- well, except minus the makeup & high pricing- but you know what I'm f**kin' talking about!!!


Props to you if you got this far. If you did, you're the real MVP. Thanks for following along on this wild journey!