Meet the Maker

Chic Craft Co. creator and mompreneur, Meagan Tremblay

Hey! I'm Meagan. I'm a small town (born, raised & settled) Mama of 2 wild toddler boys, an oilfield wife, and DIY extraordinaire who drops the odd f-bomb.

My hobbies and love for creating have turned into a busy little shop with a ton of SASS, a hint of CLASS and a whole lot of SMART ASS.

When I first started my hobby, it allowed me to have a creative outlet in between wiping butts, an endless pile of laundry and working full time.

Fast forward to 2020 and my dream of becoming a full time 'slay at home mom' has become my reality!

Life is short. Treat yourself. Buy the sweary mug. Brighten someone else's day with the gift of sarcasm or step out of the box and get inappropriate. There's always a fine line, but there's no line I won't cross when it comes to creating sassy products! #mugdealer4lyfe

I discovered early in my little life that it's a lot more fun if you're laughing. It's legit the best form of therapy- & lets face it, we could all use some here and there #amiright

I hope my sense of humour can brighten your days as you continue this wild ride with me!