Tshirt Roulette!

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Tshirt Roulette!

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Have you seen the viral TSHIRT ROULETTE game? You know the one- where you and all of your friends get together, everyone is responsible for bringing a funny tshirt and then you choose one and regardless of what it says, you gotta wear it!! IT'S A HOOT! But let's make it easier...

Say goodbye to shopping stress and the unreliable friend. Choose the sizes and leave the rest up to me... It'll be a surprise for all! Elevate your gatherings - whether it's a bachelorette or stag party, a camping trip, or a family vacation.

Tshirts will be individually packaged with sizing listed. 

Pro tip: Want to make the game smooth? Just order all in one size! Plus, oversized is totally on trend, so it doesn't matter if your tee is a little big!


WARNING: 18+ only! Brace yourself for a wild ride through uncharted territory. This product may not be suitable for the easily offended, as it knows no limits. A good sense of humour is required. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for core memories, unexpected abs, and potentially wet pants from laughing too much.